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A word from our Founder:

Howard DeMoore (1928-2017), Inventor

“Super Blue is the one for you.”


I established Printing Research, Inc in 1968 as a veteran pressman. I began developing solutions for “marking” problems traditionally associated with offset sheet-fed presses. Since then, PRI has grown into a corporation that now serves the printing industry worldwide. Printers in more than 150 countries have come to recognize PRI as an industry leader in state of the art pressroom equipment and supplies. PRI has expanded its commitment to pressroom productivity and capacity from sheet-fed printing to flexo converting and board printing. PRI systems can now be found in every market segment of the print industry.


At our research and development facility in Dallas, Texas, USA, we use our achievements and experience to design future applications for PRI products that will help you continue to expand your printing business and increase your profitability. Our commitment to quality is borne from years of experience with the unique requirements of the printing trade. Through our research and development efforts, you can enjoy greater productivity and a stronger competitive edge in our market. We are here to help make your printing better!




Printing Research, Inc. has won several industry awards including three prestigious GATF/PIA Intertech Awards for Innovative Excellence.





Printing Research, Inc. holds more than 186 patents including Super Blue 2® anti-marking, anti-static systems, StripeNet® anti-marking, anti-static nets. Printing Research has more patents than all of our competitors worldwide with 17 patents pending on NEW systems.


Registered trademarks of PRI include: Super Blue®, Blue Glass®, Super SEE Zone®, e-ZONE®, LT® . Other trademarks used by PRI include: PRI™, PRI Super Blue Technology™, Superblue 2™, StripeNet™, TITAN™, REFINED™, Super SEE™, Super SEE Smooth™ & “With our products on press, you can press on"™







Printing Research, Inc. established



SEE Cylinder Anti-Marking System Developed and sold throughout USA



Introduction of the Original Super Blue Anti-Marking System.


Global distribution agreement with Heidelberger Duckmaschinen


Super Blue received the GATF InterTech Technology Award



Introduction of Super Blue 2, precision cut striped material for easier installation.


GATF InterTech Technology Award for Infra-Red Drying and UV Curing equipment for Offset and Printing Presses.



Introduction of Super Blue 3 Anti-Marking System.


Super Blue 3 received the GATF InterTech Technology Award.


Introduction of Blue Glass silicone beaded Anti-Marking Products.



Introduction of Super See ZONE Anti-Marking System.



Introduction of e-Zone Anti-Marking System.