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Super White Zebra+

The Ultimate Anti-Marking Cylinder Jacket

PRI has spent more than 44 years of research, development and testing to create the most revolutionary, never ever wash, anti-marking cylinder jacket the world has ever seen.

DC RollerThere is no regular cleaning schedule for the Super WHITE Zebra+, However, over time, dust, powders, coatings and other pressroom related debris can collect on it’s surface.

Several passes over a dirty area with the Dry Clean Roller will remove any such debris quickly and easily, eliminating the use of any hazardous chemicals, rags or gloves in the process.


  • Premium Product for Special applications
  • Recommended for Coating Units
  • UV Compatible
  • Mounts with OEM Heidelberg Hardware
  • Complete with easy to use Dry Clean Roller™
  • Smash Resistant
  • 2 Year “Wear Out” Warranty



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