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          It’s our job at Printing Research Inc., to stop those marks in their tracks with our various anti-marking products!  We offer a wide variety of options including: Super Blue 2 Nets & LT Kits, to Blue Glass, SuperSEE Smooth, and The SuperSEE Zone system to fit any position on your press.
         If you currently operate with a jacket, we offer press specific Blue Glass jackets as well as custom cut sheets. In addition to Blue Glass, we offer Super See Zone Jackets to save you valuable time while cleaning your press. To order a jacket or custom sheet, contact us at and provide us with the press model and/or measurements you’ll need.
         Are you a TITAN?  We surely are because we believe in the quality of our Titan Impression Cylinder Shells. For most Heidelberg, Komori, and many others, contact Printing Research Inc., to learn more about the new and improved TITAN Shells and how they can improve your production quality!
         Of course, none of these would be possible without our valuable team members.  To name a few: Mr. Ron who’s been with Printing Research, Inc., for 25 years. Norma, our shipping coordinator, has been with us for 20 years.  Shane, our production manager, has been with us for 20 years.  And Mr. Phillip Jones, our global sales man who’s always willing to assist our customers day or night who has been in the trade for over three decades.
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